Will Hoge & Friends- 'Can I Be Country Too?'

Will Hoge & Friends- 'Can I Be Country Too?'

Will Hoge, feat. The Kentucky Gentlemen, Michael Allen, Cheryl Desere'e, Carmen Dianne & The Country Any Way Collective


As a relatively new convert to the country music community, I often feel like I'm on the outside looking in because of how and where I was raised. I've come to really adore the genre for its rich imagery, its dedication to lyrical excellence, and its willingness to have a sense of humor. But there is also a prominent and vocal part of the community that will judge folks for not looking or acting a certain way, and that keeps potential new fans from joining into the fun. Will Hoge woke up one morning and said to himself "I think I'm going to speak on behalf of the marginalized voices of country." And thank goodness he did, because what we got was "Can I Be Country Too?" The song features a host of diverse talent- The Country Any Way Collective, The Kentucky Gentlemen, Cheryl Desere'e, and Carmen Dianne- all shining in their moments throughout the song. Musically, it's got all of the classic country elements- the fiddle that gracefully weaves its way through the song, and there's a blistering steel guitar lick about halfway through. Hoge turns in a strong vocal performance, and it's elevated by all of the assertive, soulful Black Opry cameos throughout. But this song really plants its flag with its lyrics. The line "what if I don't care about the chatter of what everybody's doin' in this small town" seems squarely aimed as a clap back to a certain recent song about small town, rural living. He fearlessly addresses the flashpoints of country music- BLM, religion, politics, marriage equality. All of this culminates when he asks the audience the question "can I be country too?" And the obvious answer is "yes". This is a song that will welcome more folks with hesitancy around the genre into the fold. Country music is not a monolith, and it's growing more and more multifarious every day. "Can I Be Country Too?" will be an anthem for the sushi eating crowd that just wants to roll the windows down on their bright green Honda sedan and crank up some country music on Friday night. Listening to this song reassures me that I'm not alone for thinking or feeling a certain way. It lets us know that if we really love the music, we can all be country too.

"Can I Be Country Too?" is out NOW on all streaming platforms

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