Tyler Hubbard - "Dancin' In The Country"

Tyler Hubbard - "Dancin' In The Country"

"Dancin' In The Country" is just a burst of pure joy. The world of country had to wait a little longer for Tyler Hubbard's response to Brian Kelley's post-FGL record, but the reward was a laser-guided missile full of radio-ready country jams. There's not a single wasted second of his debut EP, and truthfully any given song could have made this list. Radio gravitated to "Five Foot Nine", but my ear knows a Jon Nite hook when it hears it and I immediately had "Dancin' In The Country" on repeat in my car. The phrase "Silverado backbeat" is like some avant garde, backwoods poetry... I'm not sure exactly what it means, but I adore it. Keith Urban came in with that banjitar energy, and Ross Copperman brought it all together. This is the sound of a well-oiled pop machine firing on all pistons. Each section of the song is a masterclass in modern rhythm and lyrical cadence, and it had me rushing to take notes. It's just bursting with energy and flirty swagger. And I'd love to single out whoever was the session bassist on this track- I can't find you in any credits online, but I love the New Jack Swing flair you brought to a country track. This is a near perfect song to my ear... complex in its own simplicity, and seamless in its economy of sound. If this isn't in your current party playlist? It's not a party worth attending.


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