Tyler Bond - "Every Other Weekend"

Tyler Bond - "Every Other Weekend"

"Every Other Weekend" really hit me like a runaway semi. Right in the feels. I listen to hours upon hours of new music every week, and the vast majority of it is clever and well crafted, but rarely does it tackle something with the gravity of Tyler Bonds' latest offering. I'll give a trigger warning in advance- this song tackles spousal and child abuse. Tyler recounts his lived experience in a split custody family in vivid detail... from the stink of his biological father's cigarettes, to his attempts to intervene when the man laid hands on his mother. It's heavy subject matter delivered in a way that truly connects. Tyler is showcasing his battle scars to the world, and there's a taste of venom in his vocals. His rasp shines when he belts out "another reason to fight" at the end of the chorus. There's more tempo here than your standard sad song, but the Hammond B3 still lays a somber canvas for the biting electric guitars to paint on. This song is a dose of beautiful pain, turning trauma into art in a way that feels mature and properly processed. If you're braced for the emotional impact? "Every Other Weekend" is a surefire hit.

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