Trey Calloway - "Neon Lies"

Trey Calloway - "Neon Lies"


Is it unhealthy to use lies as a coping mechanism when both parties know they're lying to each other? In "Neon Lies" Trey Calloway finds comfort with a fellow barfly by tacitly indulging in a mutual fib. When he croons "yeah we know there's no truth to these words; but tonight girl what can it hurt" he is laying his cards on the table- this is a man who is still hurting and seeking someone to commiserate with. There is plenty for the classic country music listener to love on this track. Calloway's voice is as rich and sweet as Carolina sorghum, adding an authentic touch to the song. His emotive delivery captures the melancholy of the narrative, with hints of prime Chris Cagle in his tone. What's truly unique is the fiddle- it's a staple in great country songs, but there's an air of something Celtic to the fiddle parts that pepper through the song, leading to something that's all together refreshing. "Neon Lies" is more than just a waltz through loneliness- it's a piece of personal poetry that speaks to the human condition. With its timeless sound and relatable message, it's sure to leave you feeling a little less isolated.

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