Trent Cowie - 'Checking Boxes, Crossing Lines'

Trent Cowie - 'Checking Boxes, Crossing Lines'

Trent Cowie is a man who is one bad day away from crossing some moral lines... or at least the protagonist in his latest single "Checking Boxes, Crossing Lines" is. Whether or not this is autobiographical would be pure speculation, but as it is said "all great works of fiction start with a kernel of truth," and this IS a solo write. The song delves into the psyche of a good man wrestling with the temptation to stray from his ethical path. It is a poignant and powerful exploration of the moral dilemmas faced by an individual grappling with financial hardships in today's world. His lyrics paint vivid images of a protagonist fantasizing about robbing banks or trains, reminiscent of the antiheroes in classic western films, as he struggles to make ends meet. Trent's vocal performance on this track is absolutely on point- his ability to seamlessly transition from a smooth, calm croon in the verses to a gritty, intense delivery in the choruses showcases his supreme control and versatility as a singer. The band mirrors the song's emotional and thematic tension with remarkable precision. Their country-rock arrangement acts like a pot on the boil, simmering just shy of overflowing. This is the first taste of the eponymous album, and if the rest of the album is as good as the lead single? It's checking all of the right boxes.
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