Taylor Hughes- Jesus and Jail

Taylor Hughes- Jesus and Jail


Did the Twelve Apostles get more than a little tipsy at the Last Supper? If so, they might find a kindred spirit in Taylor Hughes. With a husky alto voice that echoes the spirit of Wynonna Judd and the unapologetic rebelliousness of Miranda Lambert, Hughes takes us to church with this high-energy, rowdy southern rock anthem. The lyrics paint a picture of Sunday morning chaos, where showing up to church hungover and still wearing last night's clothes is the norm. But instead of guilt or remorse, Hughes owns her imperfections and wears them like a second coat of cheap mascara. It's refreshing and almost confessional, yet unrepentant. In a world that sometimes takes itself too seriously, Hughes reminds us to embrace our flaws and find joy in the unpredictable. "Jesus and Jail" is a raucous stomper that will leave you with an appreciation for those folks that raise Cain on a Saturday night and manage to dutifully shuffle into the back pews on Sunday morning. She may not be a saint, but Taylor Hughes certainly brings a welcome new edge to the Gospel choir.

"Jesus and Jail" is out NOW on all streaming platforms.

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