Tawna Goforth- Fixing Cars

Tawna Goforth- Fixing Cars


Sometimes it takes the lens of time to see someone's love language for what it truly is. Tawna Goforth's pensive reminiscence in "Fixing Cars" examines this happening in her own life. In this case, it's a father teaching his daughter how to repair vintage automobiles. What's fascinating is that you don't have to have a passion for (or even a working knowledge of) carburetors for this ballad to resonate deeply. At its core this is a tune about being present and committed to the people you cherish. Lyrically this song is a rich tapestry of mechanic's tools and grease stains weaving together in story of familial bonding. The musicianship is just as strong as the lyricism, with Tawna turning in a spirited vocal on top of layers of fiddle and mandolin. It reminded me of The Band Perry's early catalog. This one is sure to be the Father-Daughter Dance at countless future weddings where, one would imagine, a dad in a crisp tuxedo with calloused hands rolls a tear as he sways a little clumsily with the girl he spent a lifetime bonding with over Mustangs and Chevelles. If music is your love language? This is the song to share with the male role-model in your life this Father's Day.

"Fixing Cars" is out NOW on all streaming platforms.

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