Sarah Morey - "Wild"

Sarah Morey - "Wild"

The concept of perception is pretty wild when you think about it. One person's blue and black dress is someone else's white and gold dress, and sometimes you can only know the truth by seeing it in person. Sarah Morey's latest single, "Wild," is a playful exploration of perspective and the surprises that life can bring. She spins a charming narrative as she reveals to her mother that, contrary to the unruly image she might have had of cowboys, they find Sarah herself to be the truly wild one. It's a fresh take on "expectations versus reality," with a touch of humor and a lot of heart. The upbeat, peppy tempo of "Wild" perfectly complements Sarah Morey's sweet, sassy voice. With hints of Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe in her vocals, her delivery really makes the lyrics come alive. Subtle nods to timeless country in the song's sound add a layer of nostalgia, creating a bridge between traditional and contemporary country music. This song is a much needed dose of southern serotonin during a bleak Tennessee February. There might be a difference in viewpoints in the plot of the song, but if you're into fun, toe-tapping country music there should be an easy, positive consensus. 
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