Regan Stewart- 'Cut Out The Country'

Regan Stewart- 'Cut Out The Country'




"You can take the girl out of the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the girl." If you've been to a Tractor Supply Co. you've probably seen something like that on a placard or shirt. It's an unpretentious, homespun sentiment, but if you've ever known a country gal you also know that it's a saying that holds water. Regan Stewart took this simple concept, distilled it to under three minutes, and did it with flair. The song's narrative is about a rural small-town girl chasing her dreams in California only to find her way back to her hometown when she figures out that coastal living isn't really her speed. It's all done with a light-hearted sense of humor that you can really only pull off in the country genre. The music is an absolute delight, with a boot-tapping country boogie packed to the bursting-point with slippery steel guitar. Regan's delivery is a gem, reminiscent of Lee Ann Womack, with her light, nimble voice. She throws in a near-yodel in the chorus adding an extra layer of timeless authenticity. You can't help but picture yourself on a dance floor, two-stepping to the infectious rhythm. "Cut Out The Country" would fit seamlessly in the playlist alongside classics like "Suds In The Bucket" and "Chattahoochee." It's the kind of earnest, energetic tune that could get you dancing down the aisles in a TSC, and I'd wager those red-vested employees would join in.

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