Red River Nomad 'New Music Friday' Playlist- May 26 2023

Red River Nomad 'New Music Friday' Playlist- May 26 2023


On the Cover: RayNicole

This week on the playlist, we have new music from RayNicole, Hannah Dasher, David Adam Byrnes, Cassidy Dickens, Clare Dunn, Ian Ferguson, and more!


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Steven's Pick of The Week:
RayNicole- 'Honky Tonk'

2-15 (L-R in top graphic)

Hannah Dasher- 'Ugly Houses'

David Adam Byrnes- 'Still Have Some Cowboy Left'

Brian Congdon- 'Dear Next Guy (Live Acoustic)'

Alexandra Kay- 'I Hate Airplanes'

Cassidy Dickens- 'Deep End'

Ryan Waters Band- 'I'm The One'

Garrett Jacobs- 'Harder To Get Over'

Sammy White- 'Go Easy On Me'

Lexi Mackenzie- 'My Hometown and Jesus'

Clare Dunn- 'Colorado'

Walker Wilson- 'Wanna Want You'

Ian Ferguson- 'Tank of Gasoline'

Cole Stephens- 'Ain't Enough Beer'

Kelly Daniels ft. Eryn Hanes- 'Kiss Me Goodbye (Stripped)'

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