RayNicole- Honky Tonk

RayNicole- Honky Tonk

Honky Tonks may be the quintessential link between all kinds of country music. In my time in Nashville I've come to appreciate that. Whether you're a Broadway sideman, a Canadian troubadour, or a Texas two-step queen, the honky tonk is the common ground where all can coexist. RayNicole sets out to pay tribute to these sweaty, neon-bathed churches of the country music faithful, and succeeds with ease. Jam-packed with fiddle and steel, "Honky Tonk" is that song you want to hear three drinks into your night that will kick things into high gear and get you dancing. RayNicole's rambunctious vocal delivery might be explained by the opening lines: "my daddy played country music, my momma played rock n roll". Combine that pedigree with a life lived in Texas and you can see how she was destined to own the stage at a honky tonk. This song is just a burst of rowdy fun. I dare say you should listen to it (loudly) in its natural environment. Cheers to RayNicole for an excellent salute to all of those smoky country dives, and cheers to the honky tonks of the world: may they prosper and multiply across the globe! 
"Honky Tonk" is out NOW on all streaming platforms.
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