Moose Miller - “Where The Wild Things Are”

Moose Miller - “Where The Wild Things Are”

As we wrap up 2023, me and the folks at Red River Nomad put their heads together to pick a song that best exemplified the spirit of RRN and the music of the year at large. Whittling down down to one track in such a strong year of music is tantamount to carving a single toothpick from a redwood tree with a pocket knife. In the end, we all agreed that Moose Miller's "Where The Wild Things Are" had to be the Song Of The Year. Moose exemplifies and elevates that high, lonesome sound that dominated indie country in 2023. He brings a raw, unfiltered honesty and self-reflection to a song about salvation. This tune is a thankful acknowledgement to the person that "pulled (him) out the dark". Musically, Moose brings a refinement to the sound; where many of his peers might just shout and strain their voices to convey pain, he brings a sharp, sweet tenor to the table, with a flourish of vibrato fluttering at the end of phrases. The focus and clarity of his vocals make the lyrical content cut deeply, exposing the beating heart of a man with baggage. An intermittent whine of a steel guitar underlines the song's pensive, brooding nature. This year was dominated by sad young men baring their souls, but Moose Miller presents it in a way that stands out from the pack and shows the promise of a long, fruitful career ahead of him. 
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