Moose Miller- 'Everywhere I Go'

Moose Miller- 'Everywhere I Go'

They say home is where the heart is, but my heart don't have a home." Moose Miller's restless soul is bare for everyone to see on "Everywhere I Go" and the spiritual birthday suit is a good look. He takes us on journey down the open road, with rich, evocative lyrics painting lush scenes of America's vast landscapes from Savannah to Sedona. He juxtaposes the overwhelming natural beauty with glimpses into his most deep, personal recollections in the second verse- a truly striking image of Moose's grandfather, ashing his cigarette on a fishing line, and how smoking centers him because of that core memory. It is instrumentally spare, really only featuring an acoustic guitar and the pulse of a kick drum, but it doesn't lack in presence. This song feels like a campfire singalong in the middle of a sold out amphitheater, inviting thousands to raise their voices in the stretched out "go" at the tail end of the hook. Moose's voice is the true standout feature of this track, bringing a focus and clarity that's rare in a genre that often values quirky vocal character over a diction. It cleanly drives home his bittersweet acceptance of his perpetual wanderlust. Around these parts (and by that I mean my reviews) we have an affinity for collecting nomads, and as long as Moose Miller continues on in this excellent vein of songwriting he will at least have a home in the hearts of anyone that listens.
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