Maddie & Tae - “Woman You Got”

Maddie & Tae - “Woman You Got”

Maddie & Tae might be the most under-rated act in country mainstream music right now. Through The Madness, Vols. 1 & 2 could honestly get their own separate analysis, but I’m going to focus on the track I played the most. My ear is always drawn to the catchiest single, and this song has it in spades. The opening guitar riff darts playfully, foreshadowing a fun song about being honest about your own shortcomings. Maddie and Tae are listed as writers on every track, and I believe the lyrics are coming from a genuine place (shoutouts to @lauraveltz and @holmanmark for their co-writes on this bit of brilliance). I can truly empathize with being a bit of a mess, but they found a way of making it a positive. They bring joy to the idea of being a work in progress, and that’s something sets off the tuning fork in my soul. And let’s address the melodies: this song has more hooks than a bait shop. I can listen to this song on repeat for hours and still unpack new melodic details I missed from the prior spin. Can’t recommend this song enough, and give the whole Through The Madness project a listen once you’re done with this song.

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