Liam Slater- 'Say I Won't'

Liam Slater- 'Say I Won't'



Liam Slater wants you to know that if he's the dark horse he's coming out kicking. He's used to being underestimated, and that fuels his drive on "Say I Won't". It is a charged blend of grounded country twang with a dash of alternative rock and a sprinkle of uptempo Kenny Loggins energy. This genre-blurring track showcases his versatility as an artist, seamlessly weaving different musical elements into an invigorating sonic tapestry. Liam's tenor voice takes center stage and delivers a sharp, emotional performance. His vocal prowess is on full display in the chorus, adding a spike of adrenaline to the song. The sincerity in his delivery brings the lyrics to life, making the narrative about defying naysayers and proving one's worth even more poignant. This one is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates a powerful high vocal, overdriven guitars, and a great underdog story. Dark horse or not, you can bet your bottom dollar Liam's going to be leading the pack with this one.

"Say I Won't" is out NOW on all streaming platforms.

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