Liam Gallagher - "Everything's Electric"

Liam Gallagher - "Everything's Electric"

Anyone that knows me even a little bit knew this one was coming. And for as much as I've grown musically in recent years I'm still very much a creature of habit. Liam Gallagher's sneer is back in tip-top form, delivering one of the best vocals of his career. The melodies and execution almost make the abstract nature of the lyrics irrelevant... Liam could sing a phonebook and he'd sing it with so much conviction that I would buy what he's selling. There is some cool tone-poetry at play here, though... "Underneath the red sun, everything's electric"... Gallagher and co-writers Greg Kurstin, Friedrich Kunath, and Dave-effing-Grohl came up with some really evocative imagery. It's just rock n' roll, though. The attitude, the snarling guitars, the hypnotic drum groove... it's all in place. It's like visiting with an old friend from simpler times. This song makes me believe in rock n' roll all over again... c'mon, you know.


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