Lexi Tucker- 'Did It Anyway'

Lexi Tucker- 'Did It Anyway'


When Lexi Tucker opened "Did It Anyway" with the words "Catholic school", she immediately had my attention. Maybe I'm an easy mark, but having spent 12 years of my own life in Catholic Schools my ears tend to perk up when people broach the topic. Most Catholics like to compare their baggage, and I'd wager Lexi and I have a near matching set. "Did It Anyway" is a dreamy ode to youthful rebellion, the ageless tale of recklessly chasing passion out of the small town safety bubble and learning life the hard way. It's a refreshing take on a classic scenario, trading the usual fire and punk rock angst for a calm, dare I say, "vibey" sonic landscape and a sense of contented retrospection. Lexi's vocal performance really drives this home, conveying self-assured confidence with every note, with hints of Kelsea Ballerini in her tone. Musically this one stands among all of its modern country peers comfortably, with production choices that wouldn't be out of place on a Megan Moroney record. There are great pops of reverb washed steel guitar and plenty of nods to classic western music while maintaining sound that is decidedly relevant to radio right now. This one is a perfect addition to a playlist for a top down convertible ride out of town, and my Catholic guilt would run circles around me if I didn't recommend it for a listen.

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