Kylie Frey - "'So You Think You Want A Cowboy?"

Kylie Frey - "'So You Think You Want A Cowboy?"


"They're broke and dirty, drunk and flirty"... why would anyone want to be with a cowboy? Kylie Frey is wrestling with an addiction to a certain kind of man, and she's laying it out for everyone to see in this bouncy, Texas-inspired boogie. "So You Think You Want A Cowboy?" is a playful cautionary tale about what it's really like to be with a rodeo hero. She gives a warts-and-all account of life with a cowboy as your partner, how "behind every Stetson hat and horse is heartache and horse...shoot". The song never dives into melodrama, however; Kylie keeps it light and playful. Her nimble vocals dip and dart around a perfect neoclassical country melody, with tiny yodels and the occasional nod at a Dolly speak-sing line. It's sassy, fearless, and dripping with undeniable charisma. There is healthy serving of fiddle and pedal steel, transporting this song to the heart of rodeo country. This is a must-listen for any lover of a throwback country tune, and it will be a shoo-in for rotation in country dancehalls everywhere. It's easy to fall for this one- almost as easy as it is for Kylie to fall for that "tall and handsome, good at dancing" cowboy that will inevitably be the next one to break her heart.  

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