Kayley Bishop- 'Seven'

Kayley Bishop- 'Seven'


The song title “Seven” left me with a pile of questions when the submission came across my desk. I knew that Kayley Bishop isn’t afraid of big feelings, but I wasn’t emotionally prepared for the gut-punch that “Seven” was about to deliver when I pressed play. From the first note, Bishop’s voice exudes vulnerability and strength in equal measure, drawing you into the intimate world of her personal experiences. “Seven” offers a warts-and-all portrayal of marriage and divorce, bravely exploring the complexities of human connection and the painful realization that sometimes love is not enough. The tune goes on a journey through the highs and lows of a seven-year romance, capturing that initial spark, the sudden heartbreak, and the ultimate resilience in a captivating bluesy waltz. Kayley is unflinching in her willingness to confront the harsh realities of her past relationship; each verse feels like a page torn from the pages of her diary. Her vocal performance, unsurprisingly, matches the skill and intensity of the lyrics. In the final chorus, Kayley’s vocals almost break with raw emotion, culminating in a cathartic release that is simply stunning. I came into “Seven” with questions, but by the third minute I had my answers: this song is the product of seven years of emotional whiplash, executed with grace and expert artistry.

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