Kayley Bishop- 'Indifferent'

Kayley Bishop- 'Indifferent'



Kayley Bishop wants you to slam a door or pick a fight. On "Indifferent" she delves into the all-too-common experience of longing for any sign of emotion in a relationship that has grown distant. In the verses she reminisces about the heady days of a fiery, tactile young romance, only to juxtapose it with a cold, uncaring shared space in the chorus. The story is both relatable and beautifully crafted, making "Indifferent" a song that tugs at the heartstrings and strikes a chord with anyone who has ever felt the pain of fading love. The standout feature of "Indifferent" is undoubtedly Kayley's vocals. Her voice carries the weight of the lyrics with incredible depth and emotion, making you feel every word. She has the remarkable ability to effortlessly transition into vocal scales mid-phrase, adding a unique and impressive element to the song. There are shades of early Kacey Musgraves at play in her sound, but there's still a distinct assertiveness in approach that's all her own. It's offset by gentle arpeggiated guitars and brushed snare drums that create a serene atmosphere, underlining the sorrow and resignation of it all. With such beauty and vulnerability, you'll be reminded that good love is always worth fighting for, and you certainly won't be left feeling "Indifferent".

"Indifferent" is out NOW on all streaming platforms.

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