Julia Cole - “This Ring”

Julia Cole - “This Ring”

First review of 2024: this one is an emotional atom bomb, so strap in! Julia Cole brings raw, brutal honesty when she slips off "This Ring". The track delves into the complexities of being engaged, reveling the tumultuous emotions associated with the realization that it might be a dead end. Julia's fearless vulnerability shines through as she grapples with the decision to either gamble on her fiancé's potential growth or make the challenging choice to break off the engagement. From her perspective, either outcome is going to end in tears. The soundtrack mirrors the intensity of the lyrics, starting with sparse instrumentation and building a crescendo to underscore the gravity of the situation. Julia's nimble voice adds another layer to the song, delivering a performance that is both emotionally charged and technically impressive. Her powerful, precise vocal runs infuse the chorus with flair, further emphasizing the internal turmoil at the heart of the narrative. "This Ring" is going to wallop any listener who has been deep into a relationship, but it's so well crafted that it's worth being blown away.

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