John Eason- "Til It's Gone"

John Eason- "Til It's Gone"

"When I get lonesome, I get loaded 'til it's gone." With a gruff howl, John Eason electrifies his latest song's mission statement and kicks off this year's efforts with a dose of high-energy honesty. This raucous and rowdy song takes a fearless dive into the realm of self-medication and coping with solitude, offering an unfiltered, warts-and-all examination of self-destructive behavior. It usually makes for pretty dour subject matter, but here we get a matter of fact assessment that embraces the fire inside and turns it into a churning blues-rock heater. The funky acoustic guitar riff that kicks off the track sets an infectious, swampy tone that persists throughout, gathering momentum so that when the chorus arrives it hits like a runaway tractor trailer down a mountainside. Such brash instrumentation provides a powerful backdrop for Eason's rough-and-ready vocals, which seamlessly shift between intimate verses and roaring choruses. It's a rollercoaster of emotions that mirrors the highs and lows of the lyrical content. This one is easy to imagine as a new live favorite- you can almost immediately picture a sea of faces shouting the chorus back at the stage, empathizing with every word. John Eason might be in a rush to see the bottom of the bottle, but this song is going to linger in listeners head long after it's gone.
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