John Eason- 'Heart of The Mountain'

John Eason- 'Heart of The Mountain'

I once described John Eason's distinctive vocal style as a "velvet snarl". While I stand by that description, John has decidedly offered much more velvet on his latest single, "Heart Of The Mountain". The song takes listeners on a lyrical journey that parallels life's twists and turns with the awe-inspiring, untamed bounds of nature, all while showcasing a softer and more sentimental side of Eason's voice. "Heart of the Mountain" hearkens back to a simpler time of classic American folk songwriting. Along with co-writers Zach Henard and Hal O'Dell, Eason eschews a conventional chorus, preferring to cleverly button each verse up with the titular mountain. It would be equally at home in a buzz-worthy RadioWV video as it would be sung around an 1859 Appalachian campfire.  The song's instrumentation is captivating, featuring the prominent use of fiddle that perfectly complements the stripped, rustic production. At the end of the day, though, it's Eason's voice that really breathes life into the song. "Heart Of The Mountain" showcases the range of character and dynamics in his voice. There's a world-weary bittersweetness when he sings "spread my bones where the high wind saws a fiddle through the pines". It's a vagabond's lullaby, gently lulling us to sleep under an infinite sky with a that sweet, velvet voice.

"Heart Of The Mountain" is out NOW on all streaming platforms.

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