Honorable Mentions- 2022 Year In Review

Honorable Mentions- 2022 Year In Review

So I'm gonna try something new this year. It was such a great year of new music that I wanted to count down the best new songs I heard in 2022 in the lead up to 2023. Today I'll start with my Honorable Mentions:

Trujillo - "Sedated": gritty Southern Rock honesty at its stark best. Trujillo brings the intensity with his vocals on this one. Excess and regret rarely sound this appealing.

Trujillo Sedated

Flickerstick - "Shine On": Flickerstick are back and haven't skipped a beat with this instant return to form. Vacillating between spacey and driving, this takes me back to my musical youth.

Flickerstick Shine on

Lucas Carpenter - "Something Real": I haven't heard a rant against the cultural zeitgeist this catchy since the New Radicals' "You Get What You Give". Such sweet, sweet venom directed at vapid influencer culture... you love to hear it.

Lucas Carpenter Something Real

Brandt Carmichael - "Next Weekend": It's a modern country party, and everyone's invited! Brandt consistently puts out heavy country anthems, and this one doesn't miss.

Brandt Carmichael Next Weekend

Dags - "Sorry I Missed Your Call": Dags' signature smooth, breathy rasp is on full display on his latest single. It's fun, it's witty, and it's catchy. What more could you want out of a radio-ready anthem?

Dags Sorry I Missed Your Call

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