Faren Rachels- 'Good Tequila'

Faren Rachels- 'Good Tequila'


Put away the shot glasses and bust out the fine crystal- Faren Rachels is serving up the "Good Tequila"! With summer winding down, most folks will be getting ready to switch to the whiskey neat as the cooler weather settles in. This track achieves the dual task of sliding in the metaphors of finding a good partner while acting as a public service announcement for sipping a fine distilled agave beverage all year 'round. I know as a songwriter I'm supposed to latch onto the subtle, well-crafted analogies laid out in the lyrics of this tune... but the liquor collector in me is savoring every word at face-value. Sure, I could go on about how Faren's voice shines, evoking early Lee Ann Womack, or how the guitar solo hits just the right amount of wobble to make you feel warm and fuzzy... but that would distract me from talking about a glass of Clase Azul Reposado. Truth is- the blend of hopeful melancholy on display in this excellent tune will serve as a nice lime to accompany your next generous, amber splash of the añejo elixir. Now... was this review just native advertising for the distillers in Jalisco, or was it a game of inception to get you to listen to "Good Tequila"? The only way to know for sure it to crack open some of the best Mexican liquor you can get your hands on and play Faren Rachels on repeat until you achieve clarity or an empty bottle. Bottom's up!

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