Ethan Anderson- Hungover You

Ethan Anderson- Hungover You

Sadbois of the world: rejoice! Ethan Anderson's latest single, "Hungover You," is arriving to be your Summer of '23 Anthem. Delivering an intoxicating blend of energetic country melodies and poignant lyricism that tugs at the heartstrings, "Hungover You" is a "tear in my beer" song for the modern country fan. It's a bittersweet journey of lust and regret. The verses shine, painting vivid, detailed scenes that transport listeners to an "East Side" dive bar where the haze of cigarette smoke hangs in the air. Anderson's storytelling prowess creates a woozy, nostalgic atmosphere... you can almost hear the 70's wood paneling on the walls of this song. The chorus is a classic lament of how, when there's enough liquor involved, almost anyone can cave in to temptation and drunk dial an old flame. Through the whole song, Anderson showcases a true talent for crafting emotionally charged country music that feels both authentic and accessible. The instrumentation vacilates between soft, drifting verses and a raucous rock choruses. If you find yourself gravitating towards the recent catalog coming out of Big Loud Records, this will be right up your alley. Sadboi Summer is upon us, and (in the best ways) this song has will have us all ready to be hungover again.

"Hungover You" is out on 7/14. Available for pre-save on all major streaming platforms.

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