Darrin Morris Band- 'I Can Drink In This Bar'

Darrin Morris Band- 'I Can Drink In This Bar'

Darrin Morris Band - "I Can Drink In This Bar"
When you're going out for a drink, most folks idealize that "Cheers" experience where everybody knows your name. But Darrin Morris is not most folks... he's just looking for new place to get a little tipsy and not be reminded at every turn about the woman that's moved on and left him with a tear in his beer. One of my favorite features of Texas country music is they write a sad song and still keep the tempo from dragging too much, and this song is a prime example. "I Can Drink In This Bar" is pure country heartbreak for three minutes and twenty seconds, but it's heartbreak you could still line dance to. It opens with some excellent fiddle licks, and then Darrin's voice sidles up to bar, with his signature low vocal slides at the top of each phrase. The lyrics truly capture the dive bar experience... we all know that one hidden gem with a "half burned out sign, almost falling down". It features wonderfully woozy melodies in the chorus; there's a hint of melancholic beer buzz in the air when Morris sings "nobody's asking me where she's been". Nobody knows his name, and in this case? It's a good thing. This is a song for folks that love that classic Texas sound; the vibe reminds me a bit of Mike and the Moonpies "You Look Good In Neon." Enjoy this one in the company of strangers- find yourself a little dive you've never been to, and if they've got a digital jukebox? Drop in a few bucks, order up a Shiner, and and play this song.
"I Can Drink In This Bar" is out NOW on all streaming platforms!
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