Dan Harrison feat. Sofie Lynn- 'So Far So Good'

Dan Harrison feat. Sofie Lynn- 'So Far So Good'


Everyone needs to stream "So Far So Good" as soon as possible so Dan Harrison can get a more fuel efficient vehicle!  On "So Far So Good," he is shelling out for two tanks of gas every time he makes the 500 mile drive to see the woman he loves. In this economy? That's a sign that it's the real thing. All jokes aside, this duet, which beautifully narrates the tale of a long-distance relationship, is a heartwarming testament to the power of love. Lyrically it's sharp, using the cautious optimism of the phrase "so far, so good" to highlight how well things are going between them despite the space. The lyrics play into the impressive chemistry between Dan Harrison and Sofie Lynn. Their voices effortlessly mesh, creating a sonic blend that is both tender and powerful. They play it like a personal love story, evoking deep emotions that resonate with anyone who's been in a similar situation. Add an up-tempo rhythm section and cascading lead guitar lines, and what you have is a love song that's equal parts anthem and motivational poster.  It's the perfect kind of song to keep you going down the road... even when you know you'll have to fill up the tank a few more times.

"So Far So Good" is out NOW on all streaming platforms.

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