Collins Horton & Tai Shan- 'Just What We Do'

Collins Horton & Tai Shan- 'Just What We Do'

The phrase "call of duty" goes well beyond a pop culture reference for some folks. This is the case for Sheldon Hartsfield. "Just What We Do", the latest single from Collins Horton and Tai Shan, tells his gripping tale. Written in collaboration with Sheldon as part of the Songs For Heroes program, the tune beautifully narrates his life of service, highlighting his family's remarkable military history from the Buffalo Soldiers to the Tuskegee Airmen. It is a vivid portrait of Sheldon's experiences, painted beautifully through poignant lyrics and evocative melodies. Collin Horton’s rich baritone voice serves as the perfect vessel for this story, delivering each line with a depth that resonates with authenticity and reverence. His vocal performance is commanding but deeply emotional, capturing the essence of Hartsfield's journey and the solemnity of his current role as an Honor Guard serving at veteran funerals. Tai Shan's harmonies add an exquisite layer to the track, her voice blending seamlessly with Collins' in the choruses. The interplay between their voices creates a sonic balance that elevates the song, providing a perfect contrast and complement to Collins' lead. Tai's harmonies are tender and uplifting, adding a soulful dimension that drives home the song’s emotional impact. All of this rests atop a beautiful classic country music backing track, replete with gentle acoustic strumming and twangy lead guitar. If you only listen to one new song this Memorial Day weekend, make it your own duty to play "Just What We Do".

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