Christiana Alaire - "Lucky One"

Christiana Alaire - "Lucky One"

Oh, how lovely it feels to love! I know I'm late for Valentine's Day, but I'm absolutely fine having a love hangover as long as it's as warm and welcoming as Christiana Alaire's "Lucky One". This song is a sincere ode to a partner that truly is as wonderful as advertised. Stuffed with affirmations, positivity, and clever lyrics, it’s a the audio equivalent of being wrapped in a blanket that’s fresh out of the dryer. Christiana delivers an effortless, velvety vocal to a striking but smooth melody; imagine if Norah Jones sang a Sara Bareilles co-write and you get a clear picture. Share this song with your special someone today- they’re going to appreciate hearing a top track and all of the sentiments behind it.

“Lucky One” is out NOW on all streaming platforms.


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