Chris Housman - "'Guilty As Sin"

Chris Housman - "'Guilty As Sin"

When Chris Housman wrestles with his faith, gripping art always seems to be the inevitable result. Those of you that were here for 2022's "Bible Belt" will know that Chris wears his faith on his sleeve, but isn't afraid to speak blunt truths when that faith clashes against them. On "Guilty As Sin", he uses that classic Christian imagery of heaven and hell as a framing device to describe his yearning for his partner. He laments "I gave it my best, but this halo don't fit", before admitting that an eternity without him by his side would be just the same as hell. It's a sultry waltz, like a country homage to Jeff Buckley's iconic "Lover You Should Have Come Over". Chris' full vocal range is on display here, particularly showcasing his rich lower register at the top of the song before launching seamless into belts and vocal runs. There's an ingenious use of negative space and silence, creating moments of suspense that keep the you hanging onto every word. It's a masterclass in storytelling through music, evoking emotions that range from anticipation to heartache with each sudden pause. Somehow simultaneously timeless and contemporary, "Guilty As Sin" once again proves why Chris Housman is a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music, delivering a track that is as melancholically beautiful as it is irresistibly catchy. Chris might not have all of the answers to his prayers yet, but we're all very fortunate to get to listen to him while he searches.

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