Chris Housman - “Bible Belt”

Chris Housman - “Bible Belt”

Chris Housman is bold. This one struck so true that my inner child shook. I’ll admit that I don’t always tune into lyrics as much as a good songwriter should, but from the first line onwards Chris had my undivided attention. This is a song that, as someone who had twelve years of education at religious schools, felt like someone was singing my own biography at me. I can tell that his faith is complicated and nuanced; the result of years of reflection and hard earned experience. But, as is the general theme of most of his work, Chris’ takeaway from all of the trauma was simple: “spread love”. His co-writers Chris Sligh, and Mary Kutter (see #10 for more of her brilliance) deserve their victory lap as well for their parts in bringing such a powerful song into the world. The production is light and modern, and Chris’ voice is kind and conversational… exactly the kind of humane touch needed when tackling such a heavy subject matter. This song is like glass of Pappy Van Winkle- special, and rare… pleasant and sweet on the initial approach, but unveiling layers of rich nuance the deeper down the glass you go. It’s an occasion unto itself to consume, and when you get the chance at something as fine as this? You savor it. It’s pop country at its pinnacle, and should be celebrated as such.

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