Cay Aliese - "You Broke All Your Promises"

Cay Aliese - "You Broke All Your Promises"

"What is grief if not love persevering?" Cay Aliese has made me ponder this question a lot since I first had the chance to hear "You Broke All Your Promises". Yes, it's a quote from a superhero show, but it's very apt in this case. Cay's heart and vulnerability are on full display in this gorgeous song about multi-generational trauma. The lyrics address the passing of her father, who struggled with addiction throughout his life, and how he also lost his father way too soon. In just three minutes and twenty-two seconds she showcases the kind of blunt honesty and bravery that most people won't muster in a lifetime. There's love, there's disappointment, and there's an underlying strength; a message that she will be the one that breaks the cycle of pain. All of this brutal truth is delivered with Cay's beautiful voice. She's in full control of her instrument, and you can tell that she's deliberate in her choices. This one is for fans of big voices and great songwriting in the vein of Adele or some of Sara Bareilles moodier moments.

"You Broke All Your Promises" is out on all streaming platforms on 4/15.



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