Cay Aliese- Happy It's Yours

Cay Aliese- Happy It's Yours


When there's a complex emotion to work through, it seems to be Cay Aliese's instinct to sit down and write an infectiously catchy song about it. As fearless as it is vulnerable, "Happy It's Yours" dives into the complicated emotions of cheering on a friend's accomplishments while yearning for your own time to shine. Showcasing her precision-guided lyrical instincts, Cay beautifully articulates the delicate balance between genuine happiness for others and the underlying sadness inside of her. This internal tug-of-war is set alight by Cay's powerhouse vocal performance. Brimming with rich emotion, she effortlessly soars and nimbly darts over heartfelt melodies. With each note, she evokes an intense joy that's tinged with longing and introspection. The production is a further highlight, with reverb drenched vocals nestled on top of thundering taiko drums and keys with the comforting warble of an old tape deck. This is a song for fans of huge, rich vocals and deep feelings; think Adele or Kelly Clarkson. Cay may have written about the mental struggles of being a supporting player in a gifted team, but make no mistake- she is center stage, seizing her moment in this song and I'm happy that moment is hers.

"Happy I'm Yours" is out NOW on all streaming platforms

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