Brooks Huntley - "Red Flags"

Brooks Huntley - "Red Flags"


Brooks Huntley is starting out 2024 by waving his red flags for everyone to see! On his latest single, "Red Flags", we see the ever confessional Brooks embracing vulnerability and acknowledging his personal flaws. He paints a poignant picture of a man earnestly striving to accommodate his partner while being transparent about his inevitable shortcomings. The song drips with authenticity; when he sings "I ain't good at listening when a ball game is on TV," this is lived truth for the lifelong Astros fan. Musically, "Red Flags" marks an evolution in Huntley's style, leaning towards a more traditional country sound reminiscent of Josh Abbott Band. With its pedal steel, Hammond B3 organ, and a waltz time signature, it pays homage to his Texas roots, creating a timeless sonic landscape that also still sounds fresh. As always, Brooks tenor voice is in fine form and squeezes earnest emotion out of every syllable. Brooks may be singing about his red flags while waving his white flag, but this track is pure green flags for country music fans of any kind.

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