Bowman feat. Shari Rowe- 'Sunset'

Bowman feat. Shari Rowe- 'Sunset'


If you are lucky, you get to meet your parent's parents. If you are extremely lucky, you get to know them as human beings. After listening to "Sunset", it's clear that Bowman is in the latter category. The song is a heartfelt tribute that presents the sepia-tone snapshots of cherished memories his (still-living) grandparents share. The inclusion of a clip featuring both of their voices at the start is a moving, personal touch, setting the tone that this song came from a place of deep affection. "Sunset" skillfully avoids melodrama, instead opting for a more deliberate and plainspoken poetry that can only come from a pure and genuine place. As the stark string arrangement simmers, Bowman's airy, husky voice combines seamlessly with Shari Rowe's lovely harmonies, weaving a captivating tale of love and nostalgia. It reminded me of Emerson Hart's "32 Thousand Days" in its approach to the subject of a long life that's been well lived. Bowman gives us all a gentle reminder to cherish the lucky days we get with those that come before us, and we're extra fortunate that it came in the form of such a tender song.

"Sunset (feat. Shari Rowe)" is out NOW on all streaming platforms.

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