Bonner Black- 'Catch 22'

Bonner Black- 'Catch 22'

In the process of reviewing songs, you hear a lot of similar sentiments. When Bonner Black opened "Catch 22" with the line "I know I shouldn't say this, but I thought about you naked, while I was washing dishes" I nearly did a spit take and had to start the song over again. In the current musical landscape slightly dysfunctional protagonists, Bonner brings a refreshing lightness and levity to her heartbreak story. There's a charm at play that's so often missing in songs about pain. It speaks to why a breakup hurts so much- the bad times are always bad, but the loss of the good times can stick to you like napalm and burn just as badly. Musically it is reminiscent of Sara Bareilles more introspective songs, awash with nimble melodies and strong harmonies in the chorus. The production is airy not overly embellished, letting the lyrics take center stage. When she sings "I only run away with your shadow on the sidewalk" it conjures up a sadness being projected through a camera obscura in her head. It's the imagery and specificity that make this an easy repeat listen. It's been a long time since a song about heartache and loss has really caught me off-guard, and I'm happy to be thrown off-balance this time. 
"Catch 22" is out NOW on all streaming platforms.
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