"Be Amazed" - John Eason

"Be Amazed" - John Eason

“Don’t let the magic fade away; let yourself be amazed.” Wise advice from a man who has seen a thing or two in his time on Earth. John Eason is in strong form with his latest offering, doling out some valuable advice based on lived experience. His husky croon implores us all to take stock of life and savor those simple miracles that we tend to gloss over as we get older. It’s a timeless message, and John delivers it with sincerity. It’s one of those great southern rock ballads that goes down like Milo’s sweet tea and makes you want to take off your shoes and walk in some dewy grass. I’d recommend this to any fan of classic rock with a vulnerable side… think Allman Brothers or maybe Joe Cocker’s more relaxed moments. And be sure to listen to it on a drive to go on an adventure in nature… it’s the perfect soundtrack.

“Be Amazed” is out 3/31 on all streaming platforms

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