Axel Rasmussen - "'Leather Label"

Axel Rasmussen - "'Leather Label"

For as ubiquitous as denim is, why aren't there more songs written about it? Axel Rasmussen sets out to correct this problem on his latest single, "Leather Label". Serving up a toe-tapping ode to those ever-present blue trousers, "Leather Label" is a rollicking ride of rockabilly-infused honky tonk. He paints a vivid picture of a garment that's more than just fabric; he croons, "they've been worn at the bar and starched for church".
It's as though they were a trusted friend that accompanies him through every twist and turn. The song evokes those songs that straddle the line between classic country and rockabilly, with shades of Elvis or Eric Heatherly's "Flower's On The Wall". "Leather Label" is a must-listen for anyone craving a taste of Americana with a hint of modern flavor. With its textbook rockabilly groove, clever lyrics, and undeniable charm, this is one that is sure to merit repeat listens. It will have you wanting to don your favorite pair of well-loved jeans and head out in the world in search of the next adventure.
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